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So, if you have reached this article you surely be curious about- Why is Tramadol prescribed?, What are the Side effects of Tramadol? , What Precautions should be taken while taking Tramadol? Buy tramadol online without prescription etc. There are times when we all have pain in our body, maybe due to injuries like- fracture, accident, and any kind of trauma or due to any other etiology which is unbearable for us and our physician prescribes Tramadol.

Let me tell you, that your search ends here, this article will give all the complete information about the widely used analgesic/painkiller- Tramadol in a very precise way under the following headings

Table of Contents

 Why is Tramadol prescribed?-Tramadol Uses:

 Other uses for Tramadol:

 How Tramadol Works? -Mechanism of action:

 What is the Safe Dose for Tramadol?-Dosage:

 Mode of administration:

 Direction of Usage:

 What are the Side effects of Tramadol?

 Common side-effects:

 Rare side effects:

 When one should not take Tramadol?- Contraindications?

 What should be avoided while taking Tramadol?

 What are the Drug interactions related to Tramadol?

 What Precautions should be taken while taking tramadol?

 What to do In case of Tramadol emergency/overdose?

 What is Available brands/Alternatives of Tramadol?


Why is Tramadol prescribed?-Tramadol Uses: 

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It is one of the most widely used painkillers. Precisely, it is a centrally acting opioid analgesic that helps in relieving mild to moderate pain.

It is commonly prescribed to those patients who had gone some surgery, any medical procedure, or due to any injury, trauma, or due to pain in the body that the patient can not bear easily.

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Other uses for Tramadol:

Apart from using as an analgesic Tramadol is also used in

 Continuous Backache

 Patients with Slip disc problems

 Treatment of Painful Sensory Neuropathies(i.e. Diabetic Neuropathy)

 Chronic pain(including cancer pain)

 NOTE: Tramadol is not effective in severe pain

How Tramadol Works? -Mechanism of action:

In simple words, Tramadol works by hindering/blocking the transmission of pain sensation to our brain, thus decreasing the perception of pain.

Let’s have a pharmacological aspect:

Active Ingredients in Tramadol–

Is Synthetic codeine(a natural alkaloid obtained from morphine).

Tramadol relieves pain by two mechanisms:

1. Opioid mechanism:

Tramadol(codeine) shows actions by interacting with opioid receptors present in our body. There are 3 types of opioid receptors namely -µ(mu), k(kappa), δ(delta), which are located at spinal, supraspinal, peripheral nerves, and stimulation/suppression of these receptors produces action like- Analgesia(due to which pain is relieved), respiratory depression, sedation, dependence, euphoria, decrease gastric motility, etc.

The main advantage of using Tramadol is- Its affinity for µ opioid receptor is low, while that fork(kappa) and δ(delta) are very low, which makes it suitable for relieving mild to moderate pain and less prone to other unwanted actions of codeine like- severe respiratory depression, sedation, etc.

2. Additional mechanism:

Unlike other opioids, it inhibits the reuptake of NA and 5-HT, increases the 5-HT release, and thus activates monoaminergic(i.e. involving monoamine neurotransmitters) spinal inhibition of pain.

Reversal of its action: Its analgesic action is only partially reversed by the opioid antagonist naloxone.

Buy tramadol online without prescriptionWhat is the Safe Dose for Tramadol? -Dosage:

It should be taken as directed by your physician.

Generally, for mild to moderate pain, it is prescribed as follows to children above the age of 12years and adults: 50- 100 mg: Twice daily(morning or evening) and if the pain still does not subsides your doctor may increase the dose up to 150 to 200 mg twice daily.

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(NOTE: Maximum dosage should not increase 300 mg per day)

What can be the Mode of administration?

Tramadol can be taken in various forms:


Tablet, coated-Available as 50 mg

Tablet, film-coated

available as 50 mg

Tablet, extended-release- Available as 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg

Extended-release capsule- Available as 50 mg

Parenterally(Intravenous or Intramuscular injection)

For instant action I.V. /I.M. Tramadol can be given.

Generally, slow intravenous injection or diluted in solution Inj. is used.

100mg of I.V. tramadol is equianalgesic to 10 mg of morphine.

Available as ampoule-contains 100mg Tramadol hydrochloride in 2ml solution (50mg/ml)

What is the Direction of Usage?

Oral- Tablet/capsules should be administered as a whole, it should not be crushed/split/dissolved/chewed/snorted.

Parenteral– the infusion should be freshly prepared and used immediately or within 24 hrs. only if stored at 2 to 8°C refrigeration. Ampule should be used within sterile conditions.

What are the Side effects of Tramadol?

Generally, Tramadol is well tolerated in most of the patients, with mild side effects.

Common side-effects:

 Dizziness

 Constipation

 Headache

 Vertigo

 Dry mouth

 Changes in mood

 Heartburn or indigestion

NOTE: Every medicine have some or the other side effects due to its action on the body but this does not mean it will harm you or be fatal to your body, keep in mind that your doctor knows that its benefits are much more than its the risk of its side effects. Remember these are mild side effect which goes easily as soon as the medication course completes.

Rare side effects:

NOTE: Depending upon your body there if you show some side effects given below you should IMMEDIATELY consult your doctor or buy tramadol online without prescription.

 Fainting/Loss of consciousness

 Fast/irregular heartbeat,

 severe dizziness,

 Seizure

 Hives

 Rash

 Blisters

 Difficulty swallowing or breathing

 swelling of the face, or any body part.

When one should not take Tramadol?- Contraindications:

It is strictly advised that Tramadol should not be taken in following conditions:

 Head Injuries

 Allergies

 Epilepsy

 Breathing disorders

 Kidney diseases

 Liver diseases

 Mood disorders

 Substance used disorders

 Difficulty in urinating

 Intestinal problems(paralytic ileus)

 Breastfeeding

 Pregnant women

You should be very careful before you consume it,but there is no risk you can buy tramadol online without prescription.

What should be avoided while taking Tramadol?

 Activities involving high attention/alertness like Driving, operating heavy machinery, etc. should be avoided because tramadol can cause sleepiness and tiredness which may increase the chances of casualties.

 Avoid drinking alcohol- as it causes further suppression of brain activity thus showing severe harmful effects like increased sleepiness, aggravate dependence, loss of consciousness, etc.

What are the Drug interactions of Tramadol?

Tramadol shows various drug interactions amongst which most of them lead to severe adverse effects, so it becomes very important to inform your physician about other medications that you are taking.

Some of the drug interactions are given below:

Tramadol Interactions with Anti-depressants[UNSAFE]: Taking tramadol with drugs having the same actions for instance drugs like –other opioid painkiller or cough suppressants like– codeine, hydrocodone, etc. can increase severe side effects – depressed breathing, loss of consciousness, severe drowsiness.

Serotonin syndrome: Tramadol being a serotonergic drug(that increases serotonin) should not be given to the patients which are on SSRI therapy as it may cause “Serotonin syndrome/toxicity”– which can show serious adverse effects like-agitation, restlessness, rigidity, hyperthermia, delirium, sweating, twitchings followed by convulsions.

Avoid taking with MAO inhibitors: this shows severe ill effects. (some examples- isocarboxazid, linezolid, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, etc.)

 Taking tramadol with drugs having the same actions for instance drugs like –other opioid painkillers or cough suppressants like– codeine, hydrocodone, etc. can increase severe side effects – depressed breathing, loss of consciousness, severe drowsiness.

Tramadol Interactions with Food[SAFE]: Tramadol can be taken with food, food does not have a significant effect on tramadol pharmacotherapy.

Tramadol Interactions with Alcohol[UNSAFE]: Avoid drinking alcohol- as it causes further suppression of brain activity thus showing severe harmful effects- like increased sleepiness, aggravate dependence, loss of consciousness, etc.

What Precautions should be taken while Taking?

We all know that precaution is better than cure so following precautions should be kept in mind while taking Tramadol,before you buy tramadol online without prescription.

Previous Drug history: Always inform the physician about the complete history of medications that you are taking, so you can avoid any unwanted effects from drug interaction.

In Younger Population– Utmost precaution should be taken for children less than the age of 12 years should not take this as it may cause psycho-physiologic effect, seizures, dependency syndrome, etc.

In Older Adults Population- with various other comorbid conditions like-kidney, liver, breathing problems) is more prone to its side effects- like severe Drowsiness, shallow breathing, confusion, etc.

In Pregnant women– One should avoid taking tramadol during pregnancy, without Risk/Benefit assessment by a doctor, as it can cause harmful effects on the unborn.

Breastfeeding mother– Should avoid taking it because the drug may reach the newborn through the milk and can cause serious side effects like- neonatal withdrawal syndrome, decreased breathing, drowsiness, etc. which will affect the normal development of the infant.

In Alcohol addicts: Drinking alcohol with ongoing tramadol medication will lead to serious other complications as alcohol and tramadol both are CNS depressants which will further decrease the brain activity to such an extent that may result in dangerous health problems like- respiratory failure, alteration in heart rate, seizures, coma, death.

A combination of alcohol and tramadol causes elevated euphoric effects but this combination is strictly contradicted because it causes serious liver damage.

What to do In case of Tramadol emergency/overdose?

 Normal maximum dosage:

Maximum dose in a day should not exceed 300mg.

 Symptoms of an overdose of Tramadol:

Beyond the maximum dose Tramadol can cause serious health issues like- Seizures, Sedation, Respiratory depression, Urinary retention, Unconsciousness, etc.

What to do if you overdose on Tramadol?

Immediately seek medical help if the patient have-difficulty in breathing, loss of, seizures, Fainting, Loss of consciousness, Fast/irregular heartbeat, severe dizziness, Seizure, Hives, Rash, Blisters, etc.

It is advised while taking tramadol you should always keep a dose of Naloxone- an opioid antagonist with you which can reverse the effect of Tramadol. It works by blocking the effect of tramadol on the body which will prevent further increase in the opiate level in the blood.

Along with it, you should also inform your family members, or the persons who are frequently around(caregivers), that if they observe any unusual symptoms of overdose they can follow the emergency protocols, call for medical help, and until the help arrives give you at least a dose Naloxone so as it can save you from serious health problems.

What is Available brands/Alternatives of Tramadol?

TRAMADOL Brand Names:

 Tramazac Zydus Cadila

 Contramal Abbott

 Trd Modi Mundi Pharma Pvt Ltd.

 Domadol Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd

 Tramasure Mankind Pharma Ltd

 Tramadin Mankind Pharma Ltd

 Tramot Bennet Pharmaceuticals Limited

 Supridol Neon Laboratories Ltd

 Tramazac HP Zydus Cadila

Other brands names:

 Conzip

 Rybix ODT

 Ryzolt

 Ultram

 UltramER

Brands With combination:

Ultracet® (containing Acetaminophen, Tramadol)


Do I require a prescription for taking Tramadol?

Yes, you require a prescription from an RMP for taking Opioid analgesics.

But,you can buy tramadol online without prescription from an online pharmacy.

What special dietary instructions should I follow?

There as such no special dietary instructions for taking tramadol, you can take it with your normal diet. Some say you can it any time irrespective of the food, but it is advisable to take it with food, eat dietary fibers, drink enough water so it does not upset your stomach, and may lead to constipation, acid reflux, other gastric problems.

You should keep these point before you buy tramadol online without prescription.

Is tramadol addictive?

Intake of tramadol for a short duration of time will not cause any significant dependence on the drug, it should not be used more than 5 days.

What will happen after the Prolonged use of tramadol?

Risks of long-term opioid use include hypersensitivity to pain, hypogonadism, and dependency. and fecal impaction is other risks due to CNS depression.

Is it safe to drive vehicles after taking Tramadol?

No, one should avoid driving vehicles and other heavy machinery, because it can increase the chances of falls, fractures, driving accidents, etc.

Is tramadol safe for diabetic patients?

In the latest researches* it had been found that tramadol can cause hypoglycemia(low blood sugar level) so patients on diabetes medications or any persons with low blood sugar should discuss this with his physician.

*“Physicians need to be aware that the use of tramadol may be associated with an increased risk of severe hypoglycemia,” said co-author Laurent Azoulay, an assistant professor in the department of oncology at McGill University in Montreal.”

Is tramadol safe for Blood pressure patients?

Generally when taken in the prescribed dose as it does not cause any significant change in the BP. But when taken in Overdose being a CNS depression it alters the heart rate so one with low blood pressure should be cautious with its use. So, always inform your physician about any heart problems or if you are on any Anti-hypertensive drug so as he can regulate the dose.

Is it prescribed to patients above 60 years of age?

If you have been prescribed Tramadol and you are an elderly patient you should take it under proper monitoring and management with utmost precaution. You can buy tramadol online without prescription but before that you should know your proper dosage.

The following precautions should be kept in mind:

 Start from low doses and do not abruptly stop the medicine.

 monitoring of Na(sodium) is important.

 Respiratory Monitoring should be done, to keep a check on Respiratory depression.

 Avoid Extended-release formulations as it causes prolonged effects. and can cause urinary retention.

 Psychic symptoms should also be monitored as it can cause severely confused states, falls, decreased alertness, etc.

What should I do if I missed a dose?

If you missed the dose as scheduled by your physician, you can take the when you remember but do not take 2 doses at the same time, there should be at least 4-6 hrs. the gap between two doses, otherwise skip the missed dose and continue the next dose.

What to do if I consumed Expired Medication?Buy tramadol online without prescription

Consuming a single dose of tramadol will not affect an individual that much, but if you develop some hypersensitivity reaction immediately contact your doctor.

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What should I know about storage and disposal of this medication?

 Store in a cool and dry place away from moisture, do not refrigerate, keep out of reach of children.

 Expired and unused medications should be disposed of carefully so as it not consumed by pets or others accidentally.

 For proper disposal, you can also contact your nearby pharmacist or read about the disposal method given by U.S. F.D.A.

What are OTC pain-relieving medications that I can have?

 Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

 Naproxen

 Ibuprofen(NSAID)-Motrin, Advil

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